Hidden Cody Tennis Club Bungalow


I got lucky when I bought my condo last year in the historically significant William Cody Tennis Club Homes.  I had hoped, that if I ever bought in Palm Springs, I would be able to walk to town, join the tennis club, and live in a mid-century modern home.  I found my place on the heels of my dad’s passing last February and went into full-blown renovation to the studs this past year. 

What I created was my interpretation of how to live in a mid-mod classic in 2019 comfortably for my lifestyle.  I am a single mom, with two college-age kids, with a robust group of friends and family with whom I want to visit me and feel comfortable in my home. Cody’s intent was to have the exterior and interior of the home flow seamlessly. I achieved this by running the same floor outside and inside, replacing the glass block with glass, removing the iron gate around the back covered patio, and adding ceiling detail to the front entry.  Previous owners did a 1980’s remodel adding lots of curved walls and glass block.  We got rid of all of that!  Cooking and entertaining is a thread in my fabric, with my roots in the hospitality industry, so I enlarged the galley kitchen by two feet. To do this, we took a couple of feet from a guest closet and bathroom, raised the ceiling, added a steel I-Beam and a generous skylight… hello sunshine!

Removing the skylight from the living room and the mauve fireplace marble was a constant design debate between me and my architect and builder.  Ultimately, I decided both of those elements were limiting, and 86’d them. We replaced them with a warm white ledger stone and walnut ceiling fan.  The master suite is where I had a field day, enlarging the actual bathroom without changing the footprint by removing walls and reconfiguring the closets.  We designed a sliding glass exposed door that provided lightness and architectural interest while also affording privacy when needed.  I can steam, soak, dress, and relax in this retreat with a mountain view and nestle into my cozy bedroom for a restful night’s sleep.  The guest suite was a blast to design, as well!  I went with twin beds after much deliberation for flexible sleep accommodations. I added a stunning glass pocket door for privacy and lightness, and a dressing/staging area just outside the bathroom so more than one person could get ready at a time.  The five key elements I focused on were lighting, tile, cabinetry, hardware, and wall covering….but honestly, it’s mostly about the lighting!  I had selected my decorative fixtures and was originally going to replace the existing 6” recessed lights with LED retrofits, but went all out and hired a lighting designer to get it just right….and that we did.

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Photography by Monogram Appliances.