Lincoln Park Psychologist Office


My client was referred to me by another, and her goal was to create a serene office space that would allow her clients to feel safe, comfortable, and at ease during their sessions.

Well, I have been to a couple of therapist offices in my days, and to me, I felt better and more open to growth in an environment that I felt was attended to, cared for, and thought was placed in the design of the space. If I went to therapy, and the office felt like a garage sale bizarre, I was disengaged. I am sensitive to my surroundings, what can I say?

I suggested we make her office feel more like a comfy living room than a therapist office, and we ran with it. Both therapist and clients are happy, and my client, having just branched off on her own, loves seeing her clients every week in a space that feels like home away from home.