North Shore Residence IV


Our client hired us to do her master bathroom, and this is what they wanted:
1. A urinal.
2. A toilet that would warm your buns and keep you clean and fresh as a daisy and pretty much would say good morning and tell you how amazing you look.
3. An espresso/cappuccino machine.
4. A 2 person steam shower.
5. An easily accessible bathtub. (The original was built in and you had to walk up some stairs to get into it.)
6. Keep the existing gorgeous marble floor.
7. Create space for their abundant, beautiful, orchids and plants to thrive.

The game changer for this project was to rip out the existing tub, find a pretty grey porcelain tile that would compliment the veining in the marble, and carry that into the shower. The free standing tub centered in the octagonal annex gave birth to a greenhouse and zen retreat for my athletic client who loves a quiet soak.

My favorite detail: my clients love to travel and spend a lot of time in Hawaii. They take really pretty photos, so I suggested we blow some up, print them in black and white, and place them in a spot that they can see, enjoy, and reflect upon their happy memories.